Life is your adventure – Arnaud Lebet

Arnaud Lebet works in Sales and Marketing in the watch division at Victorinox Swiss Army, managing projects related to trade marketing (catalogs, printed literature, display units), from the design stage to monitoring and development. He also supports the sales teams with reporting and analysis tools.

Whether in his professional or personal life, Arnaud finds a balance by being constantly on the move. A recent convert to triathlons, he takes a highly disciplined approach to achieving his goals, and it is in this spirit that he is actively gearing up to take part in the Ironman 70.3 in late July in Budapest. The competition—also known as the ‘Half Ironman’—is a spinoff of the Ironman triathlon, and involves a 1.9 km swim, followed by a 90 km cycle, and a 21km run. The name ‘70.3’ comes from the total distance covered in miles, which corresponds to 113.1 km—or half the distance of a full Ironman.


Before its imminent commercial launch, the highly anticipated I.N.O.X. Titanium is accompanying Arnaud though all three stages. It meets the demands specific to each discipline perfectly, and given that it weighs significantly less than the other I.N.O.X. models, it is the perfect partner and high-performance ally.


Along with a positive, self-starter attitude, Arnaud thinks the secret to surpassing oneself lies in strict discipline and high standards. Knowing when to rest, both physically and mentally, before getting back to work, and accepting failure, are other key points on this steep learning curve.

Such intensive preparation requires daily motivation and daily training. And beyond the purely sporting aspect, this quest for performance demands genuine introspection: noting your reactions in the face of difficulty and exhaustion, understanding yourself better, pushing your limits, and experiencing new things.

‘I try to keep moving at all times. I’m often told I do too many things at once, but that’s how I like it. It pushes me to discover new horizons, try new experiences, meet new people, and understand myself better.’

When preparing for events like this, the challenge is to maintain a flexible work-life balance alongside a firm determination to attain your sporting goals.


To remain in total charge of your health, accepting personal responsibility is crucial. For Arnaud, exercise helps him escape and calm his mind in the face of stress, and motivates him to look after himself. The mantra ‘Life is your adventure’ takes on its full meaning through this alternative way of finding breathing space—living life in perpetual motion.

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