Our newest Victorinox men’s fragrance Swiss Army Rock has been distinguished with the Swiss Packaging Award 2016 in the category “Audience Award”. We are more than pleased with this recognition, since in 2015 we had already been honored with a Swiss Packaging Award for our women’s fragrance Victorinox Ella.

The Swiss Army Rock flacon surpasses all previous design concepts for fragrances, since this is the very first time natural stone has been used as an element in cosmetics packaging. Inspired by the breathtaking Swiss mountains, the Victorinox Cross&Shield emblem attached to the flacon is made of genuine slate. The greatest challenge we encountered was cutting the delicate Victorinox Cross&Shield from a thin sheet of slate in a way that would produce clean, smooth edges, without having the emblem break in the process. By using natural slate in fashioning the fragrance flacon, each is one of a kind, thereby underscoring the unique nature of the Victorinox Swiss Army Rock concept.

The Swiss Packaging Award is the platform of the packaging industry for creativity and innovation. With this award, the Swiss Packaging Institute (SVI) honors outstanding achievements and exceptional packaging solutions. Winning a Swiss Packaging Award engenders eligibility to participate at the international World Star packaging competition.

For more Information about Swiss Army Rock, please visit our website.

FRA_40232_Rock_100ml_S2 LogoSwissPackagingAward_Schwarz