My goal is to arouse emotions

We talked to Nathalie Lorson, the perfumer of our new fragrance for women Victorinox Swiss Army For Her Eau Florale, and asked some questions about her profession and the creation of our new fragrance.

Victorinox Eau Florale

Nathalie, what do you like most about your job?
The profession of a perfumer is similar to that of an actor, we need to take on and act out different roles to fit different contexts. Over the course of my 35 years in fragrance creation, I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in a multitude of diverse styles, artistic inspirations and brand universes. The magic of my craft lies in the creation of emotions and the exceptional encounters with charismatic brands that nourish my passion. The chance to work with each individual creation house is a precious gift! And as an artist, my inspiration often comes from our shared creative experiences.

What is the most challenging in your work?
The most challenging aspect of being a perfumer is the creation and transformation of emotions into addictions. They only come when we are able to capture the perfect fit between the fragrance and the person who wears it.

How do you proceed when you create a new fragrance (steps)?
Discussions with inspiring people are critical, they bring to life the ideas behind the scent.My inspiration comes from everything around me: new raw materials, a surprising combination of new scents, a color, and most importantly, the brand universe, which typically will influence the final shape of the fragrance. Always behind the scenes, I translate the brand history into an olfactory tale.

What inspires you when creating fragrances?
I am a very visual person. Colors and shapes guide my creativity. My work is the instinctive expression of my visual emotions. The morning dew on flower fields evoke for me the sparkle of silver metal. Absolutely stunning with its unique radiance, a floral bouquet starring peonies inspired Eau Florale, the sparkling and joyful scents unveiled a cocktail of colorful and juicy facets that remind me of a walk around a middle of a flower field.

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the new fragrance Swiss Army For Her Eau Florale?
The positive emotions from the project were the best motivation. It was all about freedom, happiness, nature, fresh air and space. This floral and fresh fragrance produces the relaxing sensation of a precious and carefree moment. The idea was to capture the experiences of joy and happiness wrapped in comfortable musks for a unique signature.

Is there a Nathalie Lorson “style”?
Everybody has his or her own style, it’s like writing… Personally, I like to work with many different types of ingredients and explore them beyond their limits. I like the dynamism of switching from one project to another, and juggling different ideas. I like to explore and discover.

What fragrance do you use for yourself?
I often wear the perfume I’m working on at the moment. When I’m on a break, I like the velvet veil of musks, they provide a soft comfort, a delicate wrap.

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