From development to creation

For the development of a new fragrance, you don’t only need perfumers, but also creative heads who take care of the product development. For the launch of Victorinox For Her Eau Florale, Aldina Zverotic was the product manager responsible for bringing this new fragrance to the market. In order to find out more about the process, we asked Aldina a few questions.

What do you like best about your job?
I love my job because I can spark positive emotions in people with a new fragrance and therefore make them happy. Above all, I appreciate the creativity which I can freely express in my profession. At the same time, I have the opportunity to follow the whole product development process and take part in it. In practice, this means the definition and creation of the fragrance, the flacon, the cap, the pump, the spray head, the folding box all the way up to the marketing of the product. I also enjoy visiting suppliers to see what they are working on or which creative ideas they are bringing to life. I like to get inspired this way.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?
The biggest challenge is to develop a product which pleases the people. It’s all very well for me to like the product, but it is also important that other people can find emotion, inspiration and joy when they smell the fragrance. And of course I would like to develop a product which will be part of the range for many years to come.

What inspires you when creating fragrances?
I let myself get inspired by people, cities, objects, forms and materials. I think in pictures and myself be affected by events. The resulting positive emotions intensify the ideas.

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the new fragrance Swiss Army For Her Eau Florale?
It is a harmonious and fresh composition, perfectly completed by a floral bouquet. For this creation, we worked once again with the award-winning perfumer Nathalie Lorson of Firmenich and we are more than happy with the result. Eau Florale can be worn by a woman who is modern yet still playful. The packaging comes complete with functional and innovative details. The flacon has a soft color gradient and is decorated with a chiffon flower. This accessory can be worn as a scented ring on the finger and the elegant cap is reminiscent of a jewel. In addition, we have used the Sensea pump which offers an ultra fine vaporization of the fragrance. Therefore we achieve a smart combination of functionality and femininity.

What fragrance do you use for yourself?
Eau Florale of course :-).

Do you have any other questions for Aldina? Please ask her on #AskAldina on Twitter until the end of April. To find out more about Eau Florale, visit our website.