VICTORINOX TRAVEL GEAR: Meticulous Approach to Quality

The legendary Victorinox brand has evolved from an army knife manufacturer to  a global brand over a period of 130 years.  During that time it has seen a lot of changes, although one thing that never changes is the dedication to bringing quality products to the market. The company explains what quality really means for the brand by taking us behind the scenes at Victorinox Travel Gear and showing how its collections rise above the competition.

The Victorinox Travel Gear team has one key focus: ensuring that their customers can count 100% on their carriers however much they travel.  This necessitates extremely high standards of quality and results in luggage that is precise, highly resistant and long-lasting.  It is also the reason why product testing and quality control at Victorinox Travel Gear go far beyond standard requirements.

The team has imagined all of the scenarios that could befall a case while traveling. The list is long, with a total of 30 tests representing the typical life of a case in today’s world of travel.

The names of the tests speak for themselves: Jerk, Trolley handle neck drop, Step, Treadmill, Tumble, Drop, Water Repellency, Taber Abrasion and Tensile Strength.  These tests are all the more significant when considering that every year over 20 million pieces of luggage get damaged at airports. Also, a frequent traveler spends an annual total of 124 days on the road and walks 1150 meters on an average airport visit.  Those travelers with Victorinox products can be assured that their luggage is ready for even the roughest and lengthiest of trips.


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