Who better than GrlPwr Gang to rock our I.N.O.X. V watches? The all-female collective are, individually, talented creative leaders who perfectly embody the I.N.O.X. V ethos. They need a watch that can keep up with fast-paced lives, taking them from work to gym to evening cocktail reception in inimitable style.

To celebrate their I.N.O.X. V photoshoot, we chatted with members Kirsti, Mairead, Grace and Clemmie about their mission to support women in the creative industries, female empowerment and the virtues of a happy wardrobe.


How did GrlPwr Gang come about?

Kirsti: It came from one simple thought: we’ve achieved a lot in our careers but what could we have done if we had more female role models? Wanting to make things better for the next generation was our lightbulb moment: Girls helping girls. Whether it’s to break into the creative industries, generate new revenue streams by collaborating on projects together, or by being respectful and kind to one another. We’ve worked hard to create something powerful and meaningful and we’ve seen GRLPWR Gang go from strength to strength. So far so good!


Why are mentors important?
GrlPwr Gang would have been the dream tool for me when I started my career. I didn’t have a female role model, let alone a whole group of cohesive women who are really doing stuff. You can’t be what you can’t see.


Clemmie: Finding a mentor or ally is crucial at work. They help you learn that the best thing you can do is to be yourself. Don’t try and compete. And most of all don’t be afraid to ask a stupid question, it might lead to an answer that would otherwise have been missed.


Do you have an entrepreneurial streak?

Mairead: I’ve always been a very driven person and worked hard. It was a natural progression to move from being a DJ and promoter to music management, and now a record label and coffee shop. My dream job: buying records! Lion Coffee Records has become a real hub of creativity.



Do you think modern women use their style to embrace who they are?

Grace: Clothes are such interesting tools to communicate ideas about yourself, though I wonder if sometimes we subconsciously think we have to dress a certain way to fit in or comply. I try to encourage people and myself to wear things that make us feel happy, regardless of what it looks like in photos.


How does becoming a mother change your working life?

Clemmie: It’s changed everything. I’m more efficient, more driven, more confident. Whenever I’m feeling wobbly a voice in my head says: “Come on! You grew two humans, you can totally do this!”


Does a creative career allow you to express yourself more freely?

Grace: We are all becoming much more polymorphic and interdisciplinary, so I can be academic about fashion and a lawyer can like shopping. We are multifaceted creatures!


How do you handle negative feedback?

Grace: You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. I hope that by taking a hard line in what I really believe in; gender politics, female representation and production ethics in fashion, I can influence policies and behaviours in many different sectors. We all have to pool together to change the big things, and sometimes things have to get messy first.















Mairead Nash

Founder Luv Luv Luv Records x Lion Coffee and Records, Entrepreneur, Mother

Kirsti Hadley

Founder of GRLPWR Gang, brand consultant, entrepreneur, parenting columnist


Grace Woodward

Stylist and Creative Director at ZandraRhodes

Clemmie Telsford

Creative Director at Mother of all Lists and freelance Strategist at Facebook and Instagram


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